Why Trucksoft


"Our intuitive suite of enterprise resource planning, (ERP) software products, AWS cloud/hosting capabilities and the services of the supportive Trucksoft Team will all be considered as valued elements of the solution for your business."

We understand that every Trucking customer is unique and operates differently:

Fully customizable to suit your company's needs

100% Cloud based system so you can operate from anywhere in the world.

Dedicated, Managed IT support and Training for the life of the contract.

No special hardware or Installation required.

Real-Time Load Status for you and your customers .

Third party software integration. i.e Quick Books.

Customized Customer portal for your Customers for adding accurate Load tenders , downloading Invoices etc.

Customized Driver portal for your drivers available.

Customized Sub-Hauler Portal for your Contractors (Invoice in and out available)

Exclusive Mobile app for your drivers

  • To receive accurate load tenders
  • Free of cost GPS for location tracking
  • Manage and report load weight in real time
  • upload digital documents and Proof of delivery real time
    (Bill of Lading, Weight Certificate, Freight Tickets, Any Pick up / Delivery documents)

Built in Driver Clock in/out system available on the mobile app including Time / location stamp.

eDriver Vehicle Inspection reporting with location stamp in the driver application.

Replaces all other trucking software.

In addition, we strongly believe that On-site dedicated Staff training both on General computer skills and software operations is essential for a optimal sucess. Out dedicated training staff is available 24/7