What Makes Us Unique...

We have come a very long way in a very short time. Our company has had the luxury of perfecting our ELD solution for you. How you might ask?

While other ELD service providers have rushed into revenues and growing their business, they have also made countless mistakes and errors which we gladly learned from and took advantage of. Since we believe you should work smarter and not harder. We meticulously and thoroughly reviewed hundreds of case studies published by ELD industry leaders.

We spent the last few years patiently building the perfect ELD solution for the market. After performing our test market of over 1,000 successful TRUCKSOFT ELD units on the road. We are now proud and excited to offer your company the fruits of our labor.

Our engineers and product specialists have mastered the ELD solution for fleets. They also have a collected 25 years and counting of industry knowledge and know-how. They have applied this wealth of knowledge into designing and building an ELD solution that rivals all competitors on today’s market.

As our software engineers and ELD specialists continue to build for the future of the industry, our team actively obtains and gathers valuable information directly from the frontlines. They work side by side with drivers, dispatch, management, safety, ownership, and ELD industry leaders. To ensure that we continue to offer your business the best possible ELD service available.

Crystal Clear Transparency

We have a crystal clear direction and purpose. We expect to create partnerships with commercial motor vehicle business's or transportation trucking companies that hunger for growth. We realize our passion for growth best suits companies that share the same mindset.

This year will be the year that we exceed all expectations by standing firm to the belief that we are truly better together. So let 2021 be the year of continued growth through building long-standing and committed partnerships in order to achieve optimal success across the board.

Last but not least we will not allow pricing to be the issue. Since pricing can be considered as a strategy that takes into account, ability to pay, market conditions, competitor actions, trade margins and input costs, amongst other considerations. We understand that pricing must always remain flexible.

And we will literally break our backs in order to offer your business the right price from the very start.

Out Performing The Competition

Our Technology is second to none! So is the team of software engineers here at trucksoft.

We have been discovered and tested by over 1,000 professional drivers. What did they find you might ask?

They discovered the power of our simplistic user-friendly state of the art ELD service and device.

It left them with only one thought...